1991 - 2024
 PURE passion 

Perfection is our motivation

A  Team of various specialist is internalized in all the necessities, which often come along, while the event is already in progress.
In every single business segment, that we exercize, we are driven by the thought of being ’service providers with passion ‘
Perfection and reliability is no lip service to us, it is our attitude to work as well as encitement.


Quality is our first Priority

SAS-TECHNOLOGIES - its hard- and software- is exclusively designed and manufactured in germany and is labeled with different registered designs and patents.
All components are at highest quality, we do not accept any compromises. That´s why we can ensure highest reliability and stability even under toughest racing conditions.



Our long-term customers are conviced of our uncompromising steadiness, we always work on eye height and set the character of service at first place..